Planning outfit posts for the blog is not as easy peasy as I thought it would be. The problem is that I basically shop the same stuff repeatedly and I don’t want to bore you with same-same posts. I feel too comfortable to stray away from my outfit formula. At the same time, I feel inspired to go outside my comfort zone.

The one formula that I apply to my outfits is that I should have something a bit baggy and something a bit fitting. A flowy long shirt plus skinny jeans or wide leg trousers with a well-fitting top. Always on flatforms because anything other than that hurts. Something blue must always make an appearance because I am fond of blue shades.


Does this mean I have found my personal style? I don’t know. Maybe I have. I might also be swimming in a confused mix of dressed up and looking like a homeless lesbian*.

Is a defined, well curated and carefully edited wardrobe necessary?

My mind is screaming a deafening Yes! Yes to waking up and knowing exactly what to put on. No to decision fatigue. Yes to saving money (hopefully). Will this mean less shopping trips? Consider that shopping (browsing through stores, wishing clothes would magically appear in my wardrobe and sometimes giving in to some heart tickers) is the only type of exercise I can commit to. Tried yoga for over a year. Tried running for a few minutes. Years. Minutes. Didn’t work out. But shopping walks have kept me in shape over the past years (We can ignore the countless biscuits I crunch down during shopping).

My heart is giving out a soothing nooo! No to routine. Yes to everyday adventure. Does curated equal boring? Pretentious much? -what is not?

My heart and mind should meet somewhere in Compromise Land. Have more of clothes that I can grab out of the wardrobe and hit the door in 5 minutes. Clothing pieces that easily mix and match. Have less of the adventure clothes. Buy enough to keep my wardrobe out of a constant meh.

What’s your pick? Carefully chosen or rolling with adventure?


*I am straight btw


Photography by :Harrison Willmott

Outfit Details :  Trousers –Studio by Preen (on sale !!!) , shoes –Teva ,earrings -H&M ,Bag -Zara (birthday present-my birthday is whenever I need new clothes -like now -send presents my way !!)


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