The Fashion Society

I have a solution to your dilemma about which society to join this September-Become a member of the Fashion Society.Yes ,that is it.

Fashion lovers, imagine doing mental gymnastics trying to understand why Christopher Kane tried to resurrect crocs. Also, where on God’s earth will you ever find such an accommodating group of people? Forget all the fashion girl’s stereotypes and swim in this cliché; Exeter’s Fashion Society is full of people who are beautiful inside out.

I became a member of the society in my first year. The chief reason being that I wanted to connect with people whose blood is infused with passion for fashion.

To become a member of the society you must be:

  • A human being studying at the University of Exeter-Of any shape, size, colour, nationality, religion and sexual orientation
  • Chatty or shy-If you are shy dig your head into cake and you won’t have to talk during socials. Easy fix, right?
  • A high end or high street or charity shop fan-There are two kinds of people who are into fashion, the I only put on designer clothing type or the I wear whatever type. The society embraces both.
  • A makeup enthusiast or makeup virgin or the I only wear makeup on special occasions type

Basically, all you need is interest in fashion. You don’t need to be a model or a fashion photographer or a designer. Nope, just some love for fashion.


What I gained from the society:

  • The photography sessions helped me gain contacts that I could work with for my blog.
  • Went to some Instagram worthy places for the socials -I don’t think you understand how important this is for my vain self!
  • Helped me peel away a layer of shyness- Hiding behind chewing and gulping during socials won’t work forever. There are two things that make me crawl out of my shyness cave, passionate conversations and inviting faces and that is what the society has offered me this past year.


Follow the society on all their media platforms, join the society and start having fun!




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