The Fashion Industry In Focus

90% of everything is crap -Sturgeon’s Law

I found that line in my economics textbook and I thought it would be a great opening line to this post.The straightforward law helped me understand why it’s impossible for me to come up with at least five important aspects of the fashion industry -the bulk of the industry is just crap!


So what makes up this 90 percent ?Should I really point these out ,though ?I feel like by the time I am done with this post I will no longer want to break into this vain industry.But Sturgeon’s Law applies to everything so I will be a fool to do that.It is worth pointing out that this negative heap is not compounded by people actively involved in the production ,marketing and retail of fashion products alone . We as consumers or the society share the blame as well.

  1. Sweatshops and Child Labour-I honestly don’t know who made the clothes I wear ,for what wage rate ,under which conditions.However ,exploitation issues are making headlines every few weeks and I am aware that I am part of the problem.As a rational consumer, all I am out for is cheap goods and in a way, I am influencing firms to try to cut corners in any way possible .Factory workers will have work 12 hours a day  to create clothes that they can’t even afford.Children miss their chance to be kids ,attend school and just to play around to make deconstructed gingham blue shirts that we will throw away when the trend fades in a few months.Being aware that I am a contributor to the problem is not enough I need to come to a point where I know that the solution also starts with me.
  2. Materialistic Natives Unite /Fashion Boost My Esteem Team –You are not cool til you own a pair of Yeezy’s or Fenty Creepers , Balenciaga trainers and a Vetements Hoddie(These are on my wishlist-Just in case anyone feels generous).All these are ugly, to be honest ,but the fact that they turn up everywhere I look makes them fall under the “Hot Thing To Grab ” section in my mind.High-end fashion or luxury brands feed us with what we “need” to look cool and we are always running around trying to catch the latest trend wind.The problem that results is that we start putting all the focus on our external appearance.You don’t need to have an incredible personality ,just have a Chanel bag and everyone will love you -This bag is the key to popularity (I am a bit…just a bit  bitter that I cannot afford these -Don’t mind me ).There is nothing wrong with walking out of the house and looking like you have put some effort into your look but once you realise that your confidence wholly depends on the clothes that you own then there is a reason to be concerned.By confidence here I don’t mean the Red Lipstick picks me up confidence or heels lift my mood confidence.I mean believing that your worth is somehow determined by the outer man.Check in with the inner man when out shopping to see the true reason behind your purchase.
  3. Stepping On Women-“We don’t have this dress in size 38/40″.That is the average dress size for women in my family and going shopping with my sister is a full day or two adventure.With all these plus-size campaigns around ,the fashion industry is still failing us.” Here ,wear this ,no not that ,if you wear that MEN WILL THINK that you don’t have any ambition or that you are not wife material”.Power dressing is just basically ‘Wear what a man would wear’ because femininity is “weak”.For an industry that is highly dependent on women ,we deserve way better than this.Cater for all of us.Can we also get like more CEO positions too?I fail to understand how corporate decisions for an industry that is about 80% dependent on women’s bodies are made by men.When you enter any office dealing with fashion the majority is women -women who are just giving away their creative ideas to some men with funds and failing to rise up in an industry that is for women.(Yes it is ours !)

The remaining 10% ?Umm , I will summarise that in one paragraph.The fashion industry generates about  $3 trillion globally per annum which is about 4% of the world GDP ,and a bit more than UK’s GDP so this vain industry might be worth investing in. Employment in the fashion industry is about 60 million and we are not adding people who are employed in the tourist sector during Fashion Week madness.Moving towards the non-monetary end now …..Fashion is art  ,wearable art ,that deserves as much respect as music ,painting ,dancing and whatever.The energy that the designers put in to make a piece with that texture ,that colour , that cut should be recognised.The same goes for stylists who make sure that your outfit flows the way it should and that the outfit comes to life.Fashion is a form of self-expression(Let’s take in this cliche one more time ).Through our fashion we let people know of our beliefs and values ,clothes are not just clothes , they send a message to the world about you.Clothes tell your story.During a transitioning period in your life, the first signs of change start with how we dress because clothes are better storytellers than we could ever be.Just reflect every now and then to make sure that the story is of the authentic you and not polluted by the media.


The flaws of fashion cannot be denied ,there are just in the open for each of us to see and we are all to blame.We should not try to distance ourselves away from fashion but come together and discuss what the flaws of fashion are telling us about the state of our societies.The influence that fashion has on people’s perceptions and actions is too great for us to just put it off as something trivial.Let’s use this fashion vanity to build our societies.

This vanity is not in vain(What am I saying? -It sounds a bit poetic though so I will  just leave it here for you to figure it out ).I would also love to hear your views on this topic so please leave a comment!


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