Sale Edits

Summer Sale Fix

The first sale edit is on my Facebook page.I figured it might be useful to put the second one here.For some reason that I can’t think of right now.

So get your bank card ready.Snacks.Now- throw away your money (I know you are a sensible spender -These are just words of comfort, you know you are not.)

Colour.Cut.Length …..perfection

Slinky cut out dress -Colour.Cut.Length….Perfection!


Off the shoulder shirt -Shoulders off.Stripes.What more could you ask for?

With this mac coat ,rainy days will be your happy days.

Denim dress

The asymmetric cut.The fluidity of the dress.

Overshirt – You need this !!!

…and this 

This you don’t need but it deserves a space on your coat rail and it won’t hurt your wallet so get it!

It is red, so you have to get it ,no other reason.

I don’t think it’s humanly possible to scroll this far without you appreciating Zara’s great styling. Sublime.This fit even though I could never wear it, is aesthetically pleasing.We just need the sweater , again because red , no other reason.


***All images are from the store’s websites and are not mine (Obviously -I am just putting the disclaimer for legal reasons that I don’t know .)


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