Spring In Your Step


The blazing sun piercing through the window.Walking out of the room with no coat.The yellow daffodils putting on a show.Redbuds colouring the landscape pink.These are the signs of a new season.Spring is here!And that could only mean one thing:

A new look !

A new look does not mean you have to go out and zero your bank balance.Three to four new items are enough to light up your look for spring.The key is to just update what you already know works for you.Buy clothes that you know you will keep rotating until the £ per wear is 0.0000000000001.Experimenting with one’s look is all good and fun until you realise that -there is nothing in your wardrobe that you could pair your metallic skirt with.That Zebra print, those bright orange wide-leg trousers are just stuck up, antisocial and don’t want to play with any of the babies that you already have in your wardrobe.You now have to choose between:

  1. Returning  the clothes (Waste of time)
  2. Throwing  the clothes at the back of the drawer and forgetting  you bought them (Waste of space +money)

In a perfect world, we would all jump on the 1st choice but because there is this grand lie that one day we will wear the item the 2nd choice is equally likely.

In order to save money +time +space, your mind should always be in outfit mode when shopping rather than just focusing on a single piece that has caught your attention.You are building outfits not just collecting single pieces.So if you can’t visualise making at least 3 outfits out of the clothing you want to buy then don’t buy the item.

What should you spend your money on this season?The SS17 aesthetic entails:

  1. Colour Blocking is back on the fashion radar.Think of rainbow pairings.Loud and bold is the way to go!During winter I injected some red and yellow into my wardrobe so I am so happy for this.Smooth transition.See this post if you want to spice it up this spring (Colour Pop).
  2. Utility /Military tones -neutral tones which are easy to pair up with what you already have in your wardrobe,if you have black/white pieces then you are good to go. Basically, everyone should jump on this trend.
  3. Slogan Tees -The end of 2016 saw fashion activisim spring up to a higher level.Thanks to Trump.I think we are all feminists by now all thanks to the Dior tees all over my IG feed.Personally, I am not a fan of being a billboard but if it makes you spring up with joy then go ahead and say it with a tee.
  4. Go sheer.Go lace.The Daring and The Demure are all catered for.Seriously!Just wear a whole outfit(jeans +long sleeved vest) under the see through material if you are not up for the bralette and big briefs combo.
  5. Retro Florals -See your grandma’s curtains for reference.
  6. Metallics- Think aluminium foil.
  7. Get your stripes.
  8. Accessories -If your earrings are not big enough to give you a headache then you are doing it wrong.

There is definitely something trendy for you to update your spring wardrobe with.One thing to remember is to buy something that you truly love and can easily incorporate into your existing wardrobe.Whatever trend you jump on to, may it not be just for one season.







Photography :Maria Da Silva

Outfit: Dress  ,shoes Steve Madden(old) ,Coat H&M (0ld)


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