“This striped top +white formal flowy trousers +black heels would make such a banging outfit”-I  say this to myself as my heart beams with joy in the fitting room.                           

“But where will I wear this outfit to?”

“You need more t-shirts and hoodies, not this  .” This thought filters through my dense skull as I walk towards the till.

I have problems you see ……

First, my uni has these sporty leggings +track top +trainers combination as uniform.Over half of uni dresses up like this day in and day out.So wearing anything that shows one has put a bit of effort into their outfit lands you in the overdressed crew.Whenever I see someone all dressed up here I feel so happy!(Anything makes me happy-My face just doesn’t show it.Did you know that God created walking flowers?Ever since I heard of Orchid Mantis I have been 1000X happier.I am losing my writing drift here but I got the orchid mantis gospel out so it’s  alright -seriously spread the word.)

Walking around campus is a HITT session so having this uniform is a bit understandable but it corners some of us into settling for lazy outfits.My uniform consists of a long shirt + skinny jean +flatforms.Comfortable yes but it gets boring.The same formula with asymmetric details and more colour would inject some excitement into my mornings.

Second, my social life is almost non-existent.Almost.I have no “Let’s get dressed up and go out” days here so my clothes never get the outside the house love they deserve.

Being an introvert, shy and a fashion lover is such an uncomfortable trait mix.I can’t do every day dressed up.People’s glares would just drill holes into the happy and confident bubble I got into as I dressed up and the bubble will burst.But my uniform is tired and  I need to take out my endorphin inducing clothes from the under bed storage.That is a goal for next year -I am always banking things for tomorrow -something I need to decondition myself from.

For now, I am settling for mixing pieces that I think are my off time clothes (like these distressed jeans which I now hate) and clothes which I feel need to be dressed up (like this top).Let’s wait for the day this self-conscious phase evaporates and I can be all dressed up just for a lecture.I should not wait for an occasion to dress up, right?

My wish for you and me is that we come to a place where we understand that we can never be overdressed-we have put on our best clothes and others didn’t -that’s it.A large proportion of the glares are truly out of admiration so let’s throw the self-conscious weight out.I know it’s not that easy but judging by how much the “overdressers” make me happy we are doing a disservice to ourselves and others by not dressing up to our best when our wardrobes are filled up with beautiful pieces.The deal is we dress up to go nowhere, to find an occasion in each day, are you in?If you have read this far I shouldn’t be asking.

PS :I should work on wearing weather appropriate clothing, it was drizzling and chilly when I took these photos.My face tells it all, just zoom in.



Top-M&S, Jeans –Tezenis(Old)

PHOTOGRAPHY by Maria Da Silva


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