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The fashion blogosphere is filled with a lot of designer items.If you have Celine on your feet and Chanel on your shoulders then you are set to go big.Nothing else is required of you.This might be bitterness talking, I will tuck it away.

Within this sphere, there are some of us who are broke uni girls who are in a committed relationship with the high street.I have about 5 partners.While the word relationship is still echoing in your mind, can you please help me out here -What does an ‘In an open relationship ‘ on Facebook mean?

I don’t know a lot but I do know that my high street loves and I are solid.We Gucci

Here are my loves:


Mango has the girl who visits Morrocco/Turkey/Cuba every few weeks vibe to it.Looking for pieces with a pinch of masculine silhouette?You are sorted.This is my go to for formal trousers and jeans.I find that these fit me the way that I want my trousers to cling to my body.I have hip dips that are waiting to be filled with muscle or fat or whatever(I don’t know the science behind this ) so I try to look for trousers that do not expose my pits and Mango trousers were made for me.

Their dresses, on the other hand, are never what I am looking for.It’s either they are too short or the material is crappy or the print is just off.Their coats are crazy expensive for me.But you can try to go through their outlet to get past season’s coats for cheaper.

I would recommend buying in store for the first time rather than online because their sizing is sometimes just crap.

  •  M&S

I used to think that one needed to be old and grey to buy clothing from M&S and I was wrong.There are some sections that cater for my young and ever-changing taste; Autograph and the Limited Edition.It doesn’t really have much on offer for those who need smaller sizes like 2 or 4.You must also have to be very lucky to stumble upon a 6.So basically we can say they start at size 8.The good thing about this for me is that when there is a size 8 on the sale rail.It means it is going to be dirt cheap.I once got two quality tops for a total of £6 and they were both initially around £30.Do the math.

Go all in for their tops and dresses.Take more time in the fitting room for their trousers.Don’t let a low price fool you into thinking the not so flattering trousers are great!

  • NEXT

Next is my go to for shoes and tops and trousers and bags and coats and jackets.Everything! I favour their men’s section for outerwear over the woman’s section for reasons I don’t know.The Next Big sale (in Dec, in April) is a good and glorious thing.Over 50% off.

The Next Big sale (in Dec, in April) is a good and glorious thing.Over 50% off.Also, check the clearance section on their website.

I hope you can see from the lines above that my love for Next is beyond what words can touch on.

  • H&M

H&M allows you to experiment with your style while being kind to your bank account.My go to for coats and shoes.A little bit of statement, a whole lot of basics for your wardrobe and a big heart for the earth.I don’t know how much of the environmentally conscious face they are giving us is a media face but I truly believe in their movement.

  • Zara

Everyone loves Zara.Because where else can you get designer imitations for an average of £25?This is meant to be a compliment.I am not going to complain about all this good copy-cat goodness Zara piles on us.The Zara tab is always open on my laptop because I need to keep up with the New In section.I am not really an online shopper, I just browse and buy in the store.My go to section is the Trafaluc section because it feeds my obsession with details-frills, buttons, different colour stitching, a mix of materials like denim& lace.Also, Zara sales are crazy!

I can never bring myself to buy something for a full price so I always wait around for a sale.Sometimes I lose out on the item but many times I don’t so it’s all good. I will be doing some edits of sale buys that I would make if money was an unlimited resource after exams so stay tuned for that!Last thing please use your NUS card, search for discounts online and never buy anything full price unless you feel like you would regret not getting it a year later.

OUTFIT DETAILS  -Top (H&M ), Trousers (Mango -old ), Shoes (H&M -old), Bag (Primark -Would have been on the list if over 50% of my buys from them were not dipped in regret  but their accessories and bags are great bargains)

Photography by : Harrison Willmott


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