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Sometime in early 2015 Insta’s explorer page gifted me with the presence of Kamogelo, I tapped on the follow button immediately and a few months later Kamogelo blessed us with her blog.Her writing leaves echoes of inspiration, hope and belief in God which makes me to keep coming back to her blog religiously.Because of that I reached out to her for a Q&A feature and here it is….

How did your blogging journey start ?

I started with an Instagram page. I would essentially put looks together and post once a week with inspirational words underneath every post and people loved it. 

I then thought to myself, this doesn’t have to end here. You’ve always loved creating and words so why not do it justice. I’m Christian and God for me is a massive part of my life, so I prayed about it. Thought of a name, the kind of blogger I want to be, the content I wanted to produce, what I stood and still stand for and I wrote it down. The reason I wrote all of this out was to ensure I have in writing, a description of why I started, how I started and what I wanted to say especially for the difficult times ahead.

It’s this that stops me from derailing ,or contradicting myself. Of course, there has to be change and growth but for me, that never has to come at the expense of principles and values.

Did you have a girl in mind that you wanted to reach when you started your blog?

I wanted to reach me. Not in a selfish sense. I wanted to create a blog that I would be able to read and enjoy. One that I needed to read. I essentially sat down and thought ‘Kamogelo, what do you wish was out there? What would you like to read when you’re happy, when you’re down, when you need comfort, fashion advice … Create that. ‘ and I did just that.

There is this wrong mindset that intelligence, beauty and fashion are mutually exclusive. Have you ever felt the need to downplay all that you are to please people with this mindset?

So at the start of my blog, I separated aspects of my life completely. I had uni friends who knew me as the medical student. I had social friends who knew me as the blogger and yet another set of friends who knew my business plans and bigger dreams and all of that.

I find that there is this wrong mindset, but it’s only because not enough people present themselves as multifaceted. We box ourselves, limit ourselves to three or two loves when no one said it has to be that way.

The more confident I get in my talents and what I believe is my path, the less worried I become about what people think, the more multifaceted I appear and the more people recognise and appreciate that for what it is. That you can be intelligent and beautiful and have a great fashion sense and care about the world all at once. Because I do it, that is who I am. And many women like that exist. So it cannot be mutually exclusive if many people embody it all.

Any blogging misconceptions you would like to dispel?

A huge following is just that, a huge following. Never think the number of followers you have is directly proportional to your talents, your worth, the worth of your blog and especially what you will be in future. Recognition is good, but don’t mistake that for actual success. Success comes in different ways and it means different things to different people. Establish what success looks like to you, and go with that. And I pray, it isn’t the number of likes on your social media, don’t sell yourself short.

What has been your biggest blogging lesson so far?

Patience . I’m easily the most impatient person in my group of friends. Possibly in my family as well. Blogging, like anything else worth having and enjoying, takes time. It takes time to get to a point where you are creating out of the depths of your soul. It takes time for the progress you’re making internally to show externally. It takes time to grow a faithful audience and it takes time to even develop your own authentic look.

Things that come quickly , leave just as quickly. Things worth having, take TIME.

Would you agree with the thought that the blogging space has been taken over by brands so much that bloggers have watered down their personalities to fit the needs of brands?

Absolutely . I have a couple of blogs I used to follow and read 5 years ago, that I don’t read anymore because you open it and it screams ‘ product advert.’

 Needless to say, there are a few blogs that I read still and it’s because they have managed to stay true to their personality and the voice in their platforms is still very much theirs. You know, the use of brands is fine, great even. We have to eat. But, it should never come at the expense of good content. Your readers should never doubt whether you’re really using that toothpaste, or if you really like that dress you’re urging us to buy.

What advice would you give to a creative in regards to authenticity and motivation?

Before you even think of putting something out there. Put it to yourself first. Do you like it? Why? What are you trying to say? Who are you? Where will you dig when it gets hard?

Write these things down. Because I promise you, you will need them. And don’t be afraid of change, of fast change and the slow one as well.

Be very conscious of your art, put yourself in it and run your own race.

No one was ever great imitating someone else.

And of course, you can do all things. For me, it’s all possible through Christ. If it wasn’t for prayer I would not have the authenticity, the determination and the strength to run Cam.withlove and do well in medical school and have the audacity to stand and say I want to be a surgeon.

How important do you think it is to have a mentor? Who do you look up to?

Right. So I have a few mentors. Two fathers and my mother. One father is my father figure in the UK and the other is actually my birth father at home, Botswana. My UK father is one of the elders at church who is also a medical consultant. He talks to me about God, medicine, working hard, dreams, life and even love. So does my father at home.

And my mother? Well, I just listen and watch. She’s not a woman of many words but I have learnt a lot about what it means to be a virtuous woman from her.

You see, the person you look up to doesn’t have to be a fashion icon or famous, interest .or even have anything to do with your interest.  That would be nice, but it isn’t essential. We look up to people we believe are wiser than us, can teach us a lot and who we want to learn from. People whose advice we trust.

Need more of Kam’s wisdom? Then run straight to her blog and follow her on Instagram.


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