Fresh Fashion Guide To Exeter


You made it into uni!Hallelujah!

Bless your naïve heart if you believe going to uni will be the best experience of your life. It is going to be a nightmare-for the first 3 months, thereafter you will create your experience the way you want it. However, fresher’s minds are set for self-sabotage so you are most likely to fuel the nightmare-by not dragging yourself to lectures, not attending seminars/tutorials and putting off exam revision.

You will feel miserable but you can conceal your miserable state with a fake smile and appropriate outfits.

You have practiced fake smiling all your life. No help needed there

It might be your first time leaving home and you don’t know which clothing items to pack. That is where my help comes in.

  • A PAIR OF HEELS + MULTIPLE SNEAKERS -Have you ever been so shame-stained that you wish the earth could just swallow you up? Multiply the embarrassment of walking like a wounded calf with the fear of being in some meme page and the product is the October ’17 me. Walked from Duryard Halls to the business school in heels for a blog shoot -this was a horrible choice. In Exeter, you are either walking uphill or downhill so heels scrap comfort out of the outfit equation. Lack of comfort saps out confidence. One pair of heels will be enough-no matter what level of glamazon you are on. Comfortable shoes -sneakers -flatforms-these are what you need to fill your bags with.


  • A STYLISH COAT + MATCHING UMBRELLA -Before we go any further this not need to be expensive. A coat that fits well, is the right colour that coordinates with almost all your clothes, and made of material that doesn’t pill—-pack that! Make sure you have the umbrella with you always because the Exeter drizzle is unpredictable or you don’t care to check weather reports like someone I know.


  • SPORTY LUXE – Exeter’s school uniform consists of sport leggings, track tops and trainers. Quite lazy, quite uninspiring and wholly comfortable. I think most people opt for this outfit choice because of comfort and not because they must practice yoga later /run/go to the gym. If sport luxe is your pick then you will fit in perfectly.


  • THAT ONE THING- Bring one item that has absorbed all the love and energy around your home and reminds you of your siblings and parents. For me that one thing is a head scarf. At first, I brought them along for convenience as I did not want to do anything with my hair. That might be a bracelet, a watch, a jacket for you.


OTHER CONSIDERATIONS TO MAKE -Bring clothes that you can seamlessly mix and match. You won’t  have time to sort out what outfit to wear in the morning or for a night out.Lack of time is  a curse on all uni students.Don’t bring an item you have not worn in ages in hopes that an opportunity in Exeter will rise for you to finally wear it.That won’t happen so save yourself some wardrobe space.You are also most likely to go on retail therapy everytime you have a mental breakdown-so think of all the clothes you will accumulate which you will need to take back home once your tenancy ends.It might make more sense to not take too much stuff in the first place-if you don’t live far away try to change your wardrobe during the holidays.




Hope this helps.Bring your whole self -with your quirky fashion, with your demure fashion, with your hoe-aesthetics, with your bad girl vibes. All of it. Bring it to us and let us appreciate you, you-fine-you.






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