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Fashion Artist -The Khoi Fro

Flava Dome.Mogagolwane garments.Glorious Crowns.

That is how I first got to know of Tsholofelo Dikobe sometime in 2013 0r maybe 2014 when she appeared on the show after bagging an international award for her creations.As maximalists flood, your Instagram, know that  Tsholo has been turning up the volume on who she is -through colour -through prints-through hair ages before your fave.

How she chooses to express herself and not be blown by the trends or media currents is the reason she had to grace my blog…. 

You are one of the first names that comes to mind when anything to do with Botswana Fashion is mentioned. Can you give a summary on your fashion duties and how this journey has been so far?

I am an award-winning fashion artist – I style, curate content, and a fashion journo for the biggest fashion column in the country, The Voice On Fashion with The Voice Newspaper! My journey have been so surreal, I couldn’t have achieved anything I have achieved in my career if I didn’t believe in my fashion gift. I really have a great fashion career, from travelling abroad, to being invited to esteemed fashion shows and events from across the world with fashion industry giants, meeting legends and winning awards while at it. I believe there’s more coming.

Your style is a bit on the maximalist side. Have you felt any pressure to water down your style? How do you deal with people who do not seem to appreciate how expressive you are with your fashion?

I have never succumbed to the pressures of being anything but myself. It’s not my responsibility and I don’t have to deal with people who don’t seem to appreciate my individuality because it’s for me and shouldn’t be based on a second opinion.

The internet has accelerated the growth of creative industries. Do you think Batswana creatives are using it to the fullest?

The internet is a portal of everything, destructive and constructive, to make or break yourself. Some are using it to the best of their abilities, some aren’t/not so much. I believe we are the most talented nation but most of us are still not keen in unwrapping our gifts.

What advice would you give to someone who wants to enter the fashion industry with regards to longevity and authenticity?

First and foremost, Be your own kind of Cool. This is my fashion slogan – to be authentic in your choices whether business or fashion. Authenticity breeds longevity. In simple  business terms, learn the history of your craft, identify a gap, and then fill it. If not, there is nothing new under the sun, identify your interest, and execute it in your voice and with your finger-print on it.

African parents don’t usually support their children when they choose the creative route. Was this different for you?

I think some [African parents ] is more appropriate. I wouldn’t be here if it was not for the support of my family. My sisters are my biggest cheerleaders and my parents are the voice of reason into making this work. They are all my pick me ups, they fight my battles and celebrate my successes even when I am not looking. I can’t begin to talk about my fashion journey without mentioning my family. What a great family I have!I am forever grateful. They are such a great support structure one could ask for.

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PHOTOGRAPHY BY: Raees Abdoola Photography 


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