Colour Pop

“I need something red ,something yellow and maybe pink in my wardrobe “.This has been a daily chant of mine for the past few months and I am happy to say that I am slowly moving towards the bright side.Yellow hues are warming up my heart so intensively that I watched Labrinth’s Jealous video daily for about a week just to admire his mustard sweater(I am dead serious -It really does compliment his skin tone ).Mindful listening of the lyrics was not part of the plan but we all know how deceitful our minds are. (Did not even think of taking a screenshot or maybe watching a mute video.).The video could no longer give me my yellow fix so I went shopping and came back with this ochre blouse.


Great! I have something yellow in my wardrobe now but what do I wear it with ?

  1. Anything Grey -This is a match made in fashion heavens.Grey has this feeling of being grounded and stable to it and a little pop of yellow will unleash your playful side.So if you feel like something yellow will emit high energy sun rays be assured that grey will be by your side to make sure your outfit does not leave a few people blind.Nothing to worry about.
  2. We already know that blue goes with almost every single colour there is so put on your blue trousers or skirt and you are good to go.Actually bring in red to the mix.Primary colours are the iconic trio(Did anyone mention this trio when the “name a more iconic trio” videos were all over social media ?)
  3. Black ,white and yellow outfit.Think about the contrast that you will be dishing up.Black tones everything down,yellow and white on the other hand light up everything.White and yellow don’t overpower each other and they don’t clash either so  there is this harmonious element between the two.

Let me know in the comments if you are also planning  to spice up your outfits with yellow hues .





Coat :Banana Republic(Old)

Jeans :Miss Selfridge

Shoes:Next (I have always had this idea that Next is for older people but this season Next has upped its game so go check it out )



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