Sale Edits

Black Friday Fashion Picks

Sales and I have a very good relationship but money doesn’t want to see me happy.

Browsing through Black Friday deals and wondering why I am not paid for just living.

If you are shopping this weekend ,please buy the clothes I have picked below.Wear them and make me happy.


Striped blouse   – I love tops that are a bit dressy because they can elevate any look without much effort.

Orange coat  – I can play with colour except when it comes to coats.This coat however has my heart.The model’s smile might have something to do with it.

Checked high waist trousers – I wish this was in black or navy blue.

Black Dress -You are saving this for summer.


Collarless Coat -another coat that has caught my eye. Ignoring the colour and how many runs to the dry cleaners you will have to make ,this looks like a good buy.How many styling options does this coat give you ?100000s.Also ,does this coat have a Yeezy vibe ?I think so.


Label lab coat   &  Linea  -One rule that I apply to buying coats is that the coat should reach my knees.These two coats do just that and they are in colours that I consider appropriate for coats.



MANGO 30% off

Side striped trousers

Ink blue coated trousers

Vintage jeans

ZARA  is offering 20% off (Not sure their sale is worth it -wait for later sales )

Happy Shopping !Spend sensibly-Useful advice coming from someone who is broke.Remember ,there are more sales to come so don’t go all out this Black Friday.


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